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Q: How do I order?

A: You can order ONLINE or by coming into the store! Occasionally, we can take orders by phone as well but if the shop is really busy and there is a line, we will not be able to prioritize phone orders over those customers that have shown up and are waiting at the counter! 

For ONLINE ordering, click here.

For directions to our shop, click here.

Q: When can I order?

A: All ordering is same-day only. That means that the order you place must be picked up that day. We are not currently taking advanced orders, and though that may change in the future, you cannot currently order for a day other than same-day.

Online ordering opens at 7:30am each morning we are open (Thursday - Sunday). The bakery opens at 8am. You can come into the bakery any time to take a look and order in-person, but be warned that donuts do go fast and sometimes early, particularly on weekends or holidays! 

Q: The order site doesn't work for me because [blah, blah, blah!]

A: Look, we're not software engineers here, lol. We use the Toast system for our online ordering because it is efficient and common at many restaurants and bakeries these days. Every system has it's flaws, but if there is truly something wrong with the online ordering system on a given day, we will likely notice within minutes and do our best to correct it. However, most of the time, the problems we hear people encountering are because they tried to place an order too early or on a day we are closed, so please review our ordering times above. Sometimes it helps to refresh your browser. We are not able to troubleshoot individual technical issues, as we have to make donuts and serve customers, but we can always take your order in-person instead if there is a tech problem you cannot solve on your own.

Q: Why does it seem like items are disappearing out of my basket on the Toast online system?

A: We receive the highest concentration of online orders right at 7:30am when online ordering opens. That means that dozens of customers are all placing donuts in their cart at the same time to check out. The Toast system prioritizes by who has actually cashed out with the items first, not who has placed them in their cart first. So depending on how fierce the competition is on a given morning, sometimes this can lead to faster customers getting the donuts before you are able to check out.

Q: I didn't get a confirmation email from Toast-- did you get my order?

A: If you did not get a confirmation or receipt, it likely did not go through. Please give us a call during our open hours and we can double check for you if needed. 

Q: Why do you have donuts in the store when it says you were out online?

A: We keep some donuts on reserve for the first customers in the store each day. 




Q: Why don't you make more donuts?

A: We wake up extra early, way before dawn, to make as many donuts as we can for the day-- take it or leave it. Order early for the best selection! We are an artisan bakery making everything by hand-- we are not a factory and you wouldn't want us to be, so quantities are limited and sometimes go fast.

Q: What are your COVID protocols?

A: Currently we still require masks for all customers and employees in our store. This is the mandate for all businesses in the State of Vermont, and we will continue to follow all official guidance. We have suspended all in-house seating, in order to maintain a safer environment for our customers, and reduce exposure for our employees, and all orders are take-out only. We offer curbside service by request-- please call when you arrive out front of the bakery and we will bring out your order. We still have a 6-customer limit in the store, and any additional customers will need to wait outside the bakery until a customer has left. Thank you for helping to keep Vermont safe!

Q: What ingredients do you use?

A: We are proud to use local products as much as possible! Here are a few examples of our local vendors:

King Arthur brand flours

Cabot Butter 

Mansfield Dairy

North Country Smokehouse Bacon

Hollow Brook Farms Maple Syrup

Shadowcross Farm Eggs

Vermont Creamery Ricotta

Green Mountain Farm Cream Cheese

VT Artisan Coffee & Teas

We make all of our own jams & jellies in-house with whole berries & fruits, and all our own cream fillings from scratch with fresh ingredients-- you will definitely taste the difference here!

Q: What oil do you fry in?

A: We use only organic canola oil.

Q: Are your donuts nut-free?

A: Our donut dough does not include any nuts, and we never put nut products in our fryer. Occasionally we do make donuts with various nut toppings, and those are clearly labeled. We cannot however guarantee that there is zero risk of cross-contamination, as we do store many nuts in the bakery. 

Q: Are your donuts gluten-free?

A: We do occasionally make gluten-free donuts, and these are clearly labeled as gluten-free. Our regular donuts are not gluten free, and we are not a gluten free facility, so we cannot guarantee that there is zero risk of cross-contamination.

Q: Are your donuts vegan?

A: We do occasionally make vegan donuts, and these are clearly labeled as vegan. Our regular donuts are not vegan or dairy-free.

Q: Do you make sugar-free donuts?

A: No, we never use artificial sweeteners or make sugar-free products. We are a sweets joint here.

Q: What is the best way to save my donuts for tomorrow or another day?

A: Sorry, there really isn't one! Like any fried foods, donuts are best fresh, and are intended to be eaten the day they are made. Friends don't gift friends day-old donuts.